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Newt and Mitt

Listening to the commentators recently was like watching “The Sound of Music” and once again hearing the nuns lament the difficulties they were having with Maria. Only this time they were singing “How do you solve a problem like NewtGingrich?” (Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein).

What problem?

The man is, in a word, brilliant.  Its not hard to imagine a college professor from an obscure college in north Georgia getting elected to Congress.  [...]

Several months ago when the SEALS took out OBL, I asked a friend of mine who was a reservist stationed in the area: “What happened?”  He gave a similarly simple answer: “He took his eye off the ball.”

Certainly there was more to it than that but the unraveling of our No. 1 enemy’s security had to start somewhere.  A failure on his part to follow up on something; a failure to adequately cover his or his household’s tracks after an outing; a failure to shut the blinds.  [...]