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Primer on Electoral College
The genius of the framers of the Constitution

The contenders for president are now pretty much identified.  A hard fought race will be run and a victor emerge.  Its worth noting, briefly, why and how that victor will take over or remain commander in chief without the intervention of the military.

During the Spring of the year 236 years ago colonial congressional delegates in Philadelphia began an earnest debate on dissolving political [...]

Unble once again to put a spotlight on any successful policy of his administration, President Obama today took to the negative.  Rather than argue how his programs have helped all Americans the president took on the mantra of class envy to promote punitive legislation against the successful.  I refer, of course, to his April 14 radio address and the eurosocialistic Buffett Rule.

The Buffett Rule (“BFR”), as you may recall, is the idea that if your income is $2 million or [...]

Taming the Gas Pump Shrew

Fueling the economy

It happens to us at least once a week, sometimes twice: The gas pump confrontation.  We simultaneously pump fuel into the gas tank and siphon much needed fuel out of the economy.

Craig Johnson, CEO of Customer Growth Partners, puts the problem in perspective.  As of March 26, 2012, gasoline was 70 cents over December levels.  He figures that an increase of this magnitude “takes almost $10 billion per month [...]

There was a time when American school children were taught that the greatness of their country was rooted in the common concern of its citizens: the “melting pot” theory.  The idea was that people from all over the globe came here for opportunity and freedom giving up their individual ethnic and cultural backgrounds in order to become an American.

Learning and mastering a common language was part of that Americanization.  And so was understanding that everyone had a chance [...]

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), party of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), recently reported that the decline in teenage birth rates continued its decline from 2009 to 2010.  The latest rate is 34.3 births per 1,000 which is roughly half the reported 76 per 1,000 reported in 2002.  This 2002 report itself reflected a dramatic drop from the 1990 rate of 117 per 1,000.

Note the dates: 1990 to 2010.  They’re important.

The NCHS report went on [...]

One hardly knows where to begin in translating President Obama’s April 3, 2012, speech to The Associated Press luncheon.  The speech, as you may recall, was a bitingly partisan attack on the budget which had recently passed GOP controlled House.  And the speech, like most of the teleprompted speeches given by the President over the past year, was a campaign speech.  Which means that facts must yield to intentionally misdirected perceptions and misstatements.

 An [...]

The Medical Officer in Chief of the United States, President Barack Obama, declared recently that the GOP plan (whether or not one exists seems irrelevant) is a “prescription for decline”.  One supposes he offers this prognosis based on his own unassailable success in diagnosing the country’s malady upon assuming the white smock in January 2009.

Oh, really.

His diagnosis found a patient suffering from a lack of spending, taxing, regulation and obviously too much [...]

And so now the former Prevaricator in Chief has weighed in on the supposed “Etch A Sketch” snafu.  You might recall that Romney’s campaign advisor Eric Fehrnstrom said that the primary campaign would be different from the general election campaign and used the analogy of “shaking the Etch A Sketch” rather than, say, cleaning the black board.


Primary campaigns are inherently different from a general election campaign.  The audience is different.  The issues [...]