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Gary Wisenbaker:  Historical Inconvenience

Even now, four years after Obama took over the helm of government, the Left refuses to accept responsibility for its failures.  When asked recently about the federal deficit, its causes and lack of manageability, Robert Reich, former Clintonista labor secretary and  now University of California/Berkley (enough said)"economist", didn't blink an eye:  "This was a combination of George W. Bush's [...]

Gary Wisenbaker:  The "Read My Lips" Thingy

Though yet to be memorialized in any formal presentation, House Speaker Boehner is reported have capitulated to a tax rate increase on the top two tax brackets.

They must pay more, they're only shouldering around 37% of the tax burden as it is.  The money needs to go to Washington, DC rather than to a payroll account.  After all, the budget deal will include extended unemployment benefits to [...]

Gary Wisenbaker - Christmas Eve at Encampment

A crackling, dancing fire in the family room blends its scent of burning oak with the aromas wafting from a clattering--and chattering--kitchen.

The huge, oval shaped cedar, stretching toward the 21' ceiling of the living room, trimmed with ornaments both old (some very) and new (not many) is an anchored ship floating on a swelling sea of cheerfully wrapped felicities, its lights strung so that when lit only [...]

Newtown, CT

One of the world's foremost lamentations over the loss of a child is that of King David upon learning of the loss of his son:

O my Absalom, my son, my son Absalom!
Would I have died instead of you.
O Absalom, my son, my son!

Some have called it  "one of the most distressing scenes in all literature."

While Absalom's open rebellion and warfare against his father distinguishes David's loss from the horror of the innocent lives lost at [...]

Gary Wisenbaker - Cliffing

Arrogant. Pompous. Condescending. Rude. Overreaching.

Donald Trump?  Yes, but that's not the reference here.