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Sequestered Confidence

The Conference Board reported in recent days that consumer confidence in the economy plummeted to and index reading of 59.7.  February’s reading came in at 68. 

A healthy economy needs a confident consumer yielding an index of 90.  Without this level of faith in the future of the economy, Americans are more wary of letting go of their cash for fear they may need it.  And that kind of trepidation drags down an [...]


Evidently everything is going so swimmingly well with the country that the national discourse can turn to the efficacy of gay marriage. 

Having done such a superlative job as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton marches on to cheapen and denigrate the concept of marriage to help her now certain run for the White House (political expediency).  The national press will of course oblige her with sufficient coverage and [...]

The Soul of Communication

 The term “corporate communications” means far more than just the way an incorporated entity talks to the world.  Our definition of “corporate” needs to encompass more than what your hundred dollar filing fee gets you at the corporations division of your secretary of state’s office.  And the same goes for “communication” since we no longer just write and talk, we text, we Tweet, we convey more than just words or sounds.  We empathize, we [...]