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IRS and DOJ threats to privacy rights, freedom of the press and due process

Why is the Left so intolerant of freedom of speech and press?

We are reminded of that yet again with the recent disclosures regarding the government monitoring of certain AP reporters’ phone calls and IRS abuses of groups holding views not in line with POTUS or his Axis.  Benghazi goes to the issue of competency and political expediency so that discussion is [...]

The Conference Board Leading Economic Index ® of indicators just reported a gain of 0.6 percent in April.  This is small but this is good. The index is approaching the levels measured in 2004.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index ® reported a couple of weeks ago that the index is now at 68.1, up from 61.9 at its March reading.  This is small but is not so good.  While an improvement, Consumer Confidence needs to be in the index range of 95 in order to signal [...]

A planted question at a meeting of the American Bar Association meeting. Good grief.

And then Celia Roady, an intelligent, successful tax lawyer in DC, has the temerity to later say that she had no idea what was going on, she was just asked to ask a question.

Okay.  A senior official at the IRS singles you out to ask a question after the official gives a presentation at an annual ABA meeting.  The question is obviously about a sensitive political matter.  You [...]