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Why the partial shutdown was foreseeable from 200 years away

The often misunderstood nature of politics in a political city

What with all the handwringing over the recent 12 business day shutdown of 18% of the federal government one would think that the American people were somehow betrayed by those quarrelsome politicians.  Why, had those ultra-conservatives (there’s no such thing as an [...]

Principled extremism or extremist principles?

The Press and ignoring the obvious

It’s time for a rational fact check about the recent interruption of federal government operations.

First, there was no “government shutdown”.  Approximately 18% of government operations were affected for twelve (12) business days.  [...]

Obama’s antithetical and hostile attitude toward constitutional government

The sun set on Day 1 of the much bemoaned government shutdown with all the equity markets in positive territory and the price of gold down. So much for the “shattered economy” prognosis. Where’s the panic? And even if the markets go south today or tomorrow, this is no more see-sawing than normally expected.

No naval ships were called in to port for docking. The air [...]