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The Establishment Clause and the Tyranny of the Minority

"Freedom From" vs. "Freedom To" and Religion: When Worlds Collide

It’s one of the most “egregious violations” they have "ever encountered" in a public school, according to Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Dan Barker.

Dr. Ben Carson brings out the best of the Left

The Left's tepid commitment to free speech

Among William Shakespeare’s most memorable works is his historical tragedy “Julius Caesar”, a staple (or at least it was at one time) of most high school English lit curriculums.  And one of the most memorable lines is given by Mark Antony when he eulogizes his former friend Caesar ? as [...]
Polls and a Senate Seat

Georgia Democrats' Strategy from Red to Blue

A recent New York Times/CBS News/YouGOV Battleground Tracker poll released on September 7 confirms what most other credible polls had to say about the United States Senate race in Georgia between David Perdue and Michelle Nunn-Martin:  Perdue leads. And in this particular poll, [...]