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A Vote for Reid: Nunn's Silent Affirmation

Nunn:  Supporting the Politics of Fear, Racism and Division 

“My entire orientation is around working together.  I’m going to do the right thing for Georgia and what I think is in the right interest of the nation,” Democatic U.S. Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn recently declared.

She went on to bemoan the loss of the “collegial set of [...]
Michelle Nunn and Obama Labor Policy:  On Board

Eurosocialism, Michelle Nunn, Perez and Obama

Were there any doubts existing about the Obama Administration’s proclivity toward eurosocialism those were dispelled recently when Labor Secretary Tom Perez gave a speech to the Nation Press Club.  

Perez, Harvard educated (of course) and the former division head of the Justice [...]

"Reaganomics?  What's that?" or the Inanity of Revisionism

Capitalism and Free Enterprise: Can Michelle Nunn be Trusted?

“There you go again.”

One of the most defining phrases used in a [...]