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Legislating the 2016 Debate

GOP:  Play it Smart by Moving Forward

At the end of the 1972 Robert Redford movie “The Candidate”, the freshly victorious U.S. Senate candidate Bill McKay, played by Redford, turns to and asks a supporter, “So what do we do now?”

While Senate Majority Leader-elect Mitch McConnell probably has a pretty good idea what he’s going to do, the [...]
Obama, Unilateralism and Partisanship

When Worlds Collide:  Obama, Autocracy and the Constitution

Fresh from a midterm election where voters overwhelming repudiated President Obama’s policies by giving the GOP control of the United States Senate, the largest GOP majority in the House of Representatives in 90 years and 31 governorships, he revealed the steps he will take to address the contentious issue [...]
McKoon and Fundamental Religious Freedom Rights

Fascism's Foothold in Houston:  Annise Parker and HERO

Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) recently announced his intention to re-introduce a “religious freedom” bill in the 2015 Georgia General Assembly.  

A previous version was opposed by some business interests as well as the Georgia [...]
Veterans and Freedom

America, Her Veterans and Security

The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C., Arlington National Cemetery, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the World War II Memorial constitute our collective national physical thanksgiving for those who have served, and serve, our country.

Today is Veterans Day, the spiritual part, if you will, of that thanksgiving. It [...]
Underestimating an Electorate

The Beginning of the End of the Overplayed Race Card?

So the Great Midterm Election of 2014 ends.

Georgians are spared, against all the predictions of main stream polling and punditry, the ordeal of a gubernatorial runoff in December and a United States Senate runoff in January.  There is, indeed, a merciful God.

And rather than [...]
How the Left got it Wrong in Georgia

Poll Pushing and the Ethics of Reporting 

One week ago Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jim Galloway, who, like the Colossus of Rhodes “strides the world” of Georgia politics, announced that the 2014 election cycle would signal the demise of GOP dominance in Georgia and put Georgia “in play”. Hence, the state would become a mix of red (Republican) and [...]