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Clipping the NLRB wings

Contract revisionism and the NLRB

Making good on a warning made in July, the National Labor Relations Board took a breathtaking move late last week to control nearly ten percent of the private output of the U.S. economy.  The move came when NLRB General Counsel Richard Griffin announced that he would pursue 78 charges against several McDonald’s franchisees as well as [...]
Administrative waterboarding

Self inflicted First Amendment wounds  

“The world's greatest and most powerful nation deserves people who exhibit backbone and have the confidence to live by their principles.”

These lofty words, emanating from the USA Today editorial board on Christmas Day, were used to stir a nation to action or, rather, a more principled re-action, to the recent [...]
Transportation Funding Woes

Innovating Around Knee Jerk Tax Hikes

“Nothing’s off the table.”

Not particularly comforting words when they come from the chairman of the Georgia House Transportation Committee, Jay Roberts (R-Ocilla), especially when the reference is how Georgia will raise more revenue for infrastructure and other transportation needs.

Brings to mind, [...]

Make Straight in the Desert a Highway, for our Lord

There's More to Life than Politics and Strife

In the hustle and bustle of getting ready for December 25th and all that happens between now and then, we forget that there is more to Christmas than its Eve and Day. 

And that is the season of Advent which began last Sunday. The name is derived from the Latin [...]