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Will the GOP choose ideology purity over experience?

What does Cruz bring to the GOP table that's not already there?

Presumptive Democrat President-Elect (at least to the mainstream media) Hillary Clinton undoubtedly let out a sigh of relief earlier this week when the first term United States Senator from Texas, Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for [...]
Obama's war on freedom: mandatory voting

Participatory democracy Obama style

A poll tax.  Just what America needs, according to President Barack Hussein Obama.  Only this time it works in reverse:  rather than being taxed if you want to vote, he wants to tax those that don’t vote. Or maybe it’s a fine.  Or maybe it’s a penalty.

Whatever it is, compulsory (or mandatory) [...]
Ferguson cops released

Obama and a talk show schicht

On the same day that the two Ferguson, Missouri, police officers targeted in an assassination attempt were released from the hospital, the President of the United States of America, Obama Hussein Obama, pulled a schicht on ABC’s late night comedy talk show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.  While on the set, Obama offered up a thought or two about the ongoing racial [...]
Obama avoids real issue with college students

Jobs:  what college students really need

President Barack Hussein Obama breezed through Atlanta, Georgia earlier this week to promote his “Student Bill of Rights” and, as KC and the Sunshine Band might put it, “do a little dance, make a little love” by playing darts at Atlanta’s venerable Democrat hangout Manuel’s Tavern and, of course, headlining a [...]
Eisenhower and 1954 Immigration Policy

Strategies that insure failure

Good grief.

There’s just no reasoning with or satisfying some people, particularly political pundits or elected officials on the edges of both the Left and the Right.  They insist on not only the cake but the plate, fork and napkin as well.

The latest outrage, according to many on the [...]