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Political pandering and the Export Import Bank

Exporting American products and values 

The idiomatic expression commonly used to caution against getting rid of something good while eliminating something bad is couched in terms of babies and dirty bath water:  Don’t throw them both out.

And such is the dilemma Congress finds itself in come June 30 of this [...]
"Pure" speech vs. "symbolic" speech and the First Amendment
Texas v. Johnson:  a sound decision?

VALDOSTA, GA---A funny thing happened after the flag trampling the other day.

Last week a former United States Air Force instructor and Playboy model recently put this South Georgia community and, more particularly, its over 100 year old institution of higher education, Valdosta State [...]
Hillareconomics:  Obama2 but worse

Rubio, Cuba and taxes:  Where's the beef? 

So Hillary Clinton made her low key announcement for the Democratic presidential nomination a few days ago, unveiled her logo, and hopped in a van for a road trip to Iowa.  

The former senator and former secretary of state’s announcement was not the Big Bang  approach she used in 2008 but was made in [...]
Does the Right need transformation?

What does Rand bring to the table that Cruz doesn't?

Kentucky freshman United States Senator Randal Howard "Rand" Paul recently announced that he was “putting [himself] forward as a candidate for president” of the United States.  

Paul, the 52 year old middle son of former Republican Texas congressman and Libertarian presidential [...]
RFRA and Identity Politics

Progressive/Left Hypocrisy Safe with Dan Malloy
Nothing brings out the hysteria of the Progressive/Left more than the passage of legislation curtailing the power of government.  And the hysteria magnifies exponentially when that legislation seeks to curb the intrusion of the government on personal liberty.  Such is the Left’s reaction as Indiana passed, and Republican Governor Mike Pence signed, an act [...]