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Presidential Prescriptions

The Medical Officer in Chief of the United States, President Barack Obama, declared recently that the GOP plan (whether or not one exists seems irrelevant) is a “prescription for decline”.  One supposes he offers this prognosis based on his own unassailable success in diagnosing the country’s malady upon assuming the white smock in January 2009.

Oh, really.

His diagnosis found a patient suffering from a lack of spending, taxing, regulation and obviously too much employment.  And his prescription hit the mark: spending money the patient didn’t have to the tune of nearly a billion (with a “B”) dollars which resulted in higher unemployment and higher taxes thru the back door (when gas prices go up, so does the tax).  Reminds me of “leeching” the cure all a couple of hundred years ago.  If you can’t cure the patient, then you need to drain him.  And, of course, a gas pump price of nearly $4.00/gallon, which finishes the job rather nicely.

The patient also benefits with the highest unemployment among African Americans and Hispanics in decades.   These minorities, we recently learned, have had to raid their 401(k)s to survive at a rate much higher than other groups. 

And just to make sure the cure fit the diagnosis (tail wagging the dog, in other words), he wrote another prescription  the Democratic congressional pharmacy filled it when they rammed through a bill nationalizing one sixth of the economy: Obamacare.  This monstrosity wasn’t asked for, isn’t effective, is driving up insurance costs and isn’t liked by more than 70% of the nation, according to some polls.

I fail to see how 5% unemployment, $2.50/gallon gasoline and lower spending and taxes is a prescription for anything other than success. 

Sometimes physicians, like government, need to get out of the way so the patient can heal.  Doctors understand this and do so willingly.  Government never does.

We need a new doctor, a new prescription and a new pharmacy.  And maybe, just maybe, the patient can be released from Dr. Obama’s care.

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