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Mitt Romney's message is a winner.

It's been written that Mitt Romney won the first debate because he pointed out that Barack Obama had nothing new to offer but retreads of his 2008 agenda. This means that we could expect more of the same in any future Obama quadrenium. Much could be said of the second debate. However, rather than Romney winning by a near 3 to 1 margin, the conventional wisdom is that the second debate was a draw. In the political world, a draw goes to the challenger. Chalk another one up for Romney.

This explanation of why Romney won is a valid description of the effectiveness of Romney's debating skills, ability and intellect. It does not, however, give the actual reason or cause Romney won. Mitt Romney won those debates because he articulated the stark contrast between capitalism and American entrepreneurship, Romney's vision, with Obama's eurosocialism vision.

Obama didn't lose these match ups because was "disengaged". He didn't lose because he "looked bored" or like "he didn't want to be there". These mannerisms were corrected in the 2nd debate. He lost because his message is a loser. He lost because his dedication to eurosocialism as a way to run a government is a failure.

It is a failure and a loser because of its results. And, unfortunately, we've seen them. With his Democratic controlled legislature during his first 2 years he put his entire central planning agenda into play: an $800 plus billion "stimulus" package; "cash for clunkers"; Obama Care, and the like.

Obama's international vision, also grounded in eurosocialism, fared no better. He and Hillary Clinton exercised the opportunity to run a foreign policy based on American apologies and leadership retreat from the world scene.

We now live under his agenda; it’s his tree with his fruit. Twenty three million Americans are out of work. We've suffered an unemployment rate in excess of 8% for 43 of the last 44 months. We have an historic number of Americans on food stamps. Rather than reducing healthcare costs, his policies have seen them increase by nearly the amount he promised to reduce them. The budget deficit he promised to half as instead doubled.

And our world is a far more dangerous place. China has warships in the Sea of Japan. US embassies are attacked with impunity, the latest incidence resulting in the murder of our ambassador and 3 of his body guards. Iran is at the very precipice of a nuclear weapon (and no, Joe Biden, it doesn't have to be a conventional bomb or missile, they only need a brief case.)

Mitt Romney's message, however, is a winner. His capitalistic and American entrepreneurial approach to governance is a proven success. We know this because it parallels a similar strategy that worked for 8 years under Ronald Reagan and beyond. Under the blueprint Romney is following--lower taxes and less government-- we enjoyed the longest peacetime economic expansion in history. And with it we saw rising employment, real growth in wages, a drop in government dependency and balanced budgets. America stood tall on the world stage and emerged victorious from the Cold War.

Contrast that with our economic and world standing today. Those watching the debates did and they "got it".

Unable to defend his record, Obama and his surrogates now base his campaign on ad hominem attacks. Four years ago candidate Obama said that when a campaign is bereft of ideas, it focuses on the little things and personal attacks. That, my friends, is the exact focus of the Obama re-election campaign today: Big Bird and "Romnesia" and his moderators of choice are the hosts of late night comedy talk shows. His vision today is no larger than keeping himself in office.

Sad, isn't it?

Capitalism and American entrepreneurship will trump central planning every time. Obama's eurosocialism experiment has brought us to the brink of hopelessness and despair. Obama and his vision must be relegated to "the trash heap of history".

And the sooner, the better.

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