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Gary Wisenbaker - Cliffing

Arrogant. Pompous. Condescending. Rude. Overreaching.

Donald Trump?  Yes, but that's not the reference here.

I refer to Obama's opening offer to the House GOP on how to avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" (And won't we all be so thrilled to see that term itself fall off the cliff?).  I guess it could also be the subtitle to Obama's sequel to Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

Here's the Obama pitch to the GOP:  "Here's the deal.  Give me a $1 trillion increase in taxes by raising rates TODAY.  Give me another $600 billion in new revenues via tax code reform TODAY.  Give me $50 billion (out of $150 billion) in "stimulus" spending TODAY.  I'll then promise to look at maybe reforming, kinda sorta, entitlement spending TOMORROW.  Oh, and by the way, give me the singular authority to raise the national debt ceiling TODAY."

My goodness, Mr. Speaker, what a deal! Knock that one right out of the part right now!

What in the world does Obama, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House Aide Ron ("Gaullllly, Sgt. Carter) Nabors take the United States House of Representatives and nearly 50% of the voting public for, anyway?

Maybe they're off balance.  When one is overcome by feelings of joy and happiness, or anger or fear, they are said by psychologists to suffer from "emotional flooding".  One so stricken is unable to, among other things, think clearly or strategically, analyze problems objectively, or engage in creative (or serious) problem solving.  Perhaps that's what we have here.  On this, however, I defer to eminent psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer.  I'll make the appointment for the White House if they'll just go.

These tax increases hit the top 5% of income earners who, according to Obama, "need to pay a little more" so they can "pay their fair share".  He elides the fact that they already pick up nearly 60% of the federal tax bill.  And the vast majority of these guys are not just tax payers, they are small businesses.  They make and build things (yes, they really did it build it), they provide services.  They employ people.

And, you see, that's the problem.  The private sector employs too many people preventing the government dependency rolls from growing fast enough.  These people make their fellow citizens less dependent on government.  And that's the rub, comrade.  The Central Planning Committee of the Obama administration, co-chaired by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are consciously and deliberately promoting policies designed to reduce private employment.

I guess that's what Obama's campaign moniker "FORWORD" was all about.  "Forward" to the unemployment office.

I don't think, however, that's how the unemployed, underemployed and struggling newly employed understood it. 

Alexander Hamilton, our first Treasury Secretary, wrote in the Federalist NO. 21 that "If duties [taxes] are too high, they lessen the consumption--the collection [tax receipts] is eluded and the product [flow] to the treasury is not so great as when they [the taxes] are confined within proper and moderate bounds."

There's nothing "moderate and proper" about top tier tax rates, capital gains and estate tax rates that approach and exceed 30%.  Absolutely nothing.

Well, the goal here, and always has been with Obama and his other functioning apparatchiks, is income redistribution.  They've succeeded in passing a law to redistribute healthcare.  Don't think for a minute that they'll stop there.

They will keep moving FORWORD.  Bet on it.

For the sake of the republic, all lovers of liberty, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, need to get it right in 2014.  Rather than "vote for revenge" as Obama would have it, we all need to vote for "love of country" as Romney would have it.

Obama is a eurosocialist.  We're stuck with him now but we can stop his FORWORD.

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