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Intolerance, the Left and the IRS

IRS and DOJ threats to privacy rights, freedom of the press and due process

Why is the Left so intolerant of freedom of speech and press?

We are reminded of that yet again with the recent disclosures regarding the government monitoring of certain AP reporters’ phone calls and IRS abuses of groups holding views not in line with POTUS or his Axis.  Benghazi goes to the issue of competency and political expediency so that discussion is reserved.

Consider the following indictment concerning the AP scandal from Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, and a member of USA TODAY's Board of Contributors, as reported in his Op-Ed piece earlier this week:

  " . . . Holder has supervised a comprehensive erosion of privacy rights, press freedom and due process. This ignoble legacy was made possible by Democrats who would look at their shoes whenever the Obama administration was accused of constitutional abuses... and I believe Holder should be fired."

Pretty powerful stuff coming from an author who discloses, “I am neither a Republican nor conservative . . ..”   Indeed, one of their own. 

What grinds Turley’s gears, as Peter Griffin might say, was the secrete snooping around AP reporters’ phone logs.  Since this directly affected the mainstream press, the vast majority of whom lean left, the cry of righteous indignation was (nearly) swift and sure once the program was disclosed.

We have yet to see similar consternation from the Left over a far more broad and sweeping challenge to one of our most basic civil and constitutional liberties, i.e. political free speech.   Since this IRS overreach and totalitarian exercise of power was directed against primarily right leaning groups, expect no hue and cry from the mainstream press.  Or if there is, expect nothing more than the tinkling of a brass cymbal.

When an arm of the Executive Branch is encouraged, if not directed, to pounce on groups and organizations for no reason other than challenging the POTUS and his sycophants, and it does so, it is time to fire all of present management and bring in the winding down team.  A more compelling argument against the dangers and evils of an over sized and over scoped federal government could hardly be made.

Using the Federal Tax Code and its discretionary provisions against the people of the United States is deplorable, vile and odious.  The IRS has lost its moral legitimacy.

Peggy Noonan suggests that this “case deserves and calls out for an independent counsel, fully armed with all that position’s powers.”   That call ought to be raised to more than investigating but include dismantling or at the very least serious power trimming. 

Perhaps the scales covering the eyes of so many in the mainstream press will begin to fall.  More likely the fawning over POTUS will resume, certainly in time for the 2014 elections.  After all, they’re on board with other personal liberty limitations championed by this regime, i.e. Second Amendment.

Now is the time to continue a serious discussion about both tax reform and the IRS.  The simpler the tax code, the smaller the enforcement agency needed.  And if they still can’t apply the law in a firm, fair and consistent manner, then the IRS should be relegated to the ash heap of history.

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