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Obamacare and Foreign Policy: When Worlds Align

   Redlining foreign policy and insurance policies

   Obama's astounding, absurd and intentional negligence   

      Tens of thousands of demonstrators joined Monday in chants of "Death to America" to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.
   "Fighting the global arrogance and hostile policies of America is the symbol of our national solidarity," said Saeed Jalili, a leading opponent of nuclear talks and senior adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    So reports USA Today on Monday, November 3, 2013.  And so much for Obama’s phone diplomacy with Iran’s new president.  Yet another set back in yet another poorly planned re-set of foreign policy by the current administration.  Had the administration not sat on its hands when a popular uprising was taking root two years ago the demonstration would have been quite different.

      Remember the re-set for Russia?  Sure you do, the same Russia that granted asylum to rogue NSA contractor Eric Snowden who fled there after divulging the particulars of NSA counterespionage techniques. The president had no idea what the NSA was doing, of course.  Many considered Snowden’s revelations traitorous.  The Russians consider him a prized catch.

      Then there’s the phone call monitoring of the leaders of Brazil, France, Germany and Mexico.  The president, of course, had no knowledge such a ghastly thing was going on.  Imagine, the leader of the (somewhat) Free World confessing that he was kept in the dark about his country’s spying activities. How does the commander in chief and chief magistrate of the world’s leading power not know these things?  The suggestion is patently absurd.

      Obama puts American prestige on the line by “drawing a red line” for action should the Syrian government use WMD’s against its own people.  The Syrian government allegedly used WMD’s against its own people and the response?  Get Vladimir Putin on the phone and maybe he can take an offhand comment made by the US secretary of state and turn it into a deal.  Which it seems Putin did thereby bailing Obama out since Obama really didn’t mean what he said about a red line or any line since it was “the world” that drew that line, not Obama.  Perhaps Obama “didn’t know” the quote was his own.

      The play-out, then, with Obamacare is predictable. 

      Obama assured the American people that those who were covered and liked their health plans and doctors could keep their health plans and doctors.  Problem is that it simply wasn’t so.  The studies were already published verifying that millions would lose the coverage they had and liked.  The same coverage they shopped around for and gave them exactly what they wanted in coverage, co-pays and deductibles and, most importantly, premium pricing. 

       Some of those millions have already received notices that the plans they decided they wanted are not what the government has decided they should have and, therefore, can’t have.  Their choices, like their policies, are cancelled.

      Perhaps Obama will eventually take the position that “I never said” existing policies were sacrosanct.  Perhaps it will come out that he thought it more important to take that first small step of, er, prevaricating about the effects of Obamacare in order to take that giant leap into socialized medicine.

     People want to know if their internist-in-chief is a liar or incompetent or misinformed, “out of the loop” as it were, and to what extent all this is intentional.

      Something will have to give soon.  And it doesn’t look like Putin is going to be around to pull Obama out of the fire.

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