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Hillary, Creating Jobs and Nunn's Deafening Silence

"Reaganomics?  What's that?" or the Inanity of Revisionism

Capitalism and Free Enterprise: Can Michelle Nunn be Trusted?

“There you go again.”

One of the most defining phrases used in a presidential debate, this comment by 1980 GOP nominee Ronald Reagan effectively disarmed his opponent, the Democrat incumbent President Jimmy Carter.  Reagan went on to win in a landslide garnering 489 electoral votes and 44 states to Carter’s 49 electoral votes and 6 states (plus Washington, DC). 

Reagan inherited a failing economy which tanked rather quickly after his inauguration.  Working with a bipartisan coalition in a Democrat controlled congress, he took drastic steps to de-regulate and cut tax rates to get an ailing economy on its feet.  These steps increased private sector demand and prodded American businesses to start hiring again.

Terms such as “Laffer Curve” and “trickle-down economics” entered the American political lexionary. 

And it worked:  the “Reagan Recovery” saw post-recession annual GDP rates averaging 7.1%, as opposed to the present anemic average of 2.8%. So strong was this recovery that the country experienced the longest period of sustained growth during peacetime in its history, save for one brief hiccup, stretching all the way throughout the 90s and the Clinton administration.

Revisionism, however, never rests.

Former first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton lectured a Massachusetts rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley last Friday about job creation:

“Don’t let anybody tell you, that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.  You know, that old theory, trickle-down economics.  That has been tried, that has failed, it has failed rather spectacularly.”

Really? Hillary didn’t take that position when the country was still benefiting from the effects of the evil “trickle-down” economics when she (and her husband) were in the White House.  The roar of the crickets over at the Nunn headquarters was deafening.  After all, Hillary was scheduled to stump for Ms. Nunn this month.

(Note:  Coakley is an a tight race for the Massachusetts state house running against Republican Charlie Baker, who leads in the RealClear Politics average poll by 2.28%. She previously ran for the U.S. senate losing to Republican Scott Brown in 2010.  The latter is now running for U.S. senate in neighboring New Hampshire and is in a dead heat against incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.  Got it?)

Hillary’s comment dovetails nicely with the 2012 comment by incumbent president and Democratic nominee Barack Obama.  Like Hillary, Obama was giving an economics lecture on the campaign stump telling business owners and entrepreneurs that they “didn’t build that business”.  News to them.

But the Hillary and Obama comments elucidate with unmistakable clarity the world view of many Democrats and most, if not all, of those on the Left.  And that is this:  capitalism and private enterprise have run their course; it is now time for government to meet the needs of the people since neither the people nor business understand what their needs are. This eurosocialistic paradigm of government means that government will dictate not only that businesses hire employees but what kind of pay and benefits these employees will receive.

The burden of these regulations and increased taxation is of no consequence.  As Hillary herself said in 1993:  “I can’t go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America.”

No, she can’t.  But what she and Obama and rest of the Left can do is put them out of business.

And we’re still waiting for Hillary to appear for Michelle Nunn.  Back on October 3 the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Ms. Clinton would come to the Peach State on behalf of Ms. Nunn.  For that stop to get put on Ms. Clinton’s schedule, she would have had to be invited by the Nunn campaign. 

And if Ms. Clinton was invited, then she and Ms. Nunn must share a similar world view.  Given that Ms. Nunn voted for Obama and supports his policies, then there’s a consistency here.

Which brings to mind a not-so-political quote:

“Everybody knows that.”


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