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A Vote for Reid: Nunn's Silent Affirmation

Nunn:  Supporting the Politics of Fear, Racism and Division 

“My entire orientation is around working together.  I’m going to do the right thing for Georgia and what I think is in the right interest of the nation,” Democatic U.S. Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn recently declared.

She went on to bemoan the loss of the “collegial set of relationships in Washington” something, she said her opponent, Republican David Perdue, had failed to address in their contentious campaign to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA).

Ms. Nunn is on record about her voting for President Obama and supporting his policies.  But what she refuses to go on the record about is her willingness to support Harry Reid (D-NV) as senate majority leader should she become Georgia’s junior senator and should her party retain control of that body.  

And this is important.

Majority Leader Reid has been described by the New York Times as ruling the Senate with a “brutish style” and “uncompromising control” over the amendments process in the Senate.  He has refused to allow hundreds of House passed bills to come to the floor of the Senate.  Reid, in a word,  is an obstructionist.

One thing’s for sure: if Ms. Nunn wins on Tuesday and if the Senate remains in Democratic hands, she will vote for Reid should he run once again for majority leader (and he will).  She will do so because she refuses to reveal that she will not do so, otherwise there would be no reason for her shifting and squirming every time she’s asked that question.  To vote against him in a Democratic controlled Senate would mean a denial of a seat on key committees.  So much for the crocodile tears over the loss of “collegiality” in DC.

And it doesn’t take a Prince Machiavelli to figure that one out.

More disturbing is Nunn’s collaboration with the Left promoting the politics of fear.  Her recent refusing to call out the Georgia Democratic Party over the use of a Ferguson, Missouri, flyer reveals much about her commitment to “working together” and doing the “right thing for Georgia . . . and the nation.”

Seems that the Democratic Party of Georgia recently circulated a flyer in precincts with a high density of black voters cashing in on the tragic death of a black teenager.  The unarmed young man died when he was shot by a white police officer in this small Missouri town.  The incident remains under investigation.

The party sanctioned flyer was direct and blunt in its actual message as well as its subliminal message: blacks must turn out and vote because if the GOP wins in Georgia then more black teenagers will die at the hands of white police officers.  It is axiomatic, after all, in the thinking of the Left and many Democrats that all Republicans are racist.  Just ask Jimmy Carter.

And the Democrats are open and honest about the need for their fear mongering, race baiting tactics. An open memo recently produced for the Democrats pointed out the absolute necessity for a high turnout of black voters if they were to hold the Senate.

“Anybody who looks at the data realized that if the black vote, and the brown vote, doesn’t turn out, we can’t win.  It’s just that simple,” said Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D-OH), chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

So the Democrats are desperate.  And desperate politicians often resort to despicable tactics.

When asked about the Ferguson flyer, Ms. Nunn “steadfastly” refused to say whether she opposed or supported the piece and the tactic embodied by it.  Rather, she took the position that it was constructive to start “a conversation about race, and community and justice.”  Once she actually saw it, she called it “evocative and provocative”.

Indeed it is.

The Left always allows for evocative and provocative “conversations” as long as they start with the idea that whites, and certainly all Republicans, are racists.  And now we know that the same is true of Ms. Nunn.

Michelle Nunn had an opportunity to prove her “orientation” for “working together”, for “doing the right thing” for Georgia and the nation by disavowing the piece, condemning it and asking the Democratic Party of Georgia to do the same.  Instead, she took up the mantle of fear, racism and division, just like Harry Reid.

From her non-disclosed vote for Harry Reid to her acceptance of the politics of fear, Ms. Nunn reveals her own true politics.

© 2014 Gary M. Wisenbaker

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